Truckless Coins

Let me show you how to enter this trucking game with No truck, No cdl, No problem!

Minority Certification

The program evens the playing field in government contracting opportunities.

Sales Funnels

All Businesses need a marketing plan that generates leads and sales on auto-pilot!

Tools & Resources

The tools you need to streamline your processes and explode your sales.


What my clients think about my programs!

"I love the accessibility and the fact that you are constantly trying to improve this program! This shows where your heart is at! You could just be about the money and charge for every little thing but you care about the people as much or more than the profit. Thank you! God bless you, Jamie, and the WHOLE BlackSmallBiz family!"

John P.

"Keep pushing forward its the first time I watched your live but the energy is right! Going through the ups and downs right now as a rookie trucker. When I see people like you it makes me know that my hard work will pay off. Thank you, your content is encouraging."

Happy Client!

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