Dispatching Basics Workbook

Dispatching Basics Workbook

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Over 30 Days I made $1,561.35 dispatching two trucks for 1 job.  No Truck of my own. I have no CDL. Not using my own Operating Authority.


That is not a lot of money...but would it make a difference for you? Now imagine what the numbers would be if I ran 6-10 trucks like I normally do.


Honestly I’m being lazy and only doing this to prove a point. But if Dispatching is what you want to do and you’re willing to actually do some work to learn the industry and honing in on this skill you could easily become a dispatcher for a few Owner Operators.


What the Workbook covers:

✔️ What is dispatching?

✔️ Why choose dispatching over other options?

✔️ Who will be good for dispatching?

✔️ How quickly can you make money?

✔️ How much money will you make?

✔️ How much money do you need to get started?

✔️ What do you need to get started

✔️ Sample Agreements

✔️ Worksheets to help you through the process


YES this info is for dump trucks, semis, box trucks, etc.


Workbook will be released on Monday, November 8th at 12PM EST.

Right now you can get access to the current version of the workbook for a little instant gratification and on Monday at 12PM EST the fully updated version will be available inside your account!


Pre-Order the workbook now!