Dispatching Basics


I came out of retirement because we had a couple of snow storms back to back.  An old contact reached out to me asking for some trucks to cover 100,000 tons of salt. This training gives you an opportunity to see the whole process start to finish.


Over 30 Days I made $1,561.35 dispatching two trucks for 1 job. That is not a lot of money...but would it make a difference for you? Now imagine what the numbers would be if I ran 6-10 trucks like I normally do.


Honestly I’m being lazy and only doing this to prove a point. But if Dispatching is what you want to do and you’re willing to actually do some work to learn the industry and honing in on this skill you could easily become a dispatcher for a few Owner Operators.


No Truck of my own. I have no CDL. Not using my own Operating Authority.


Me and the Truck Bae shared our strategies in the Dispatching Basics class where we covered:

✔️ What is dispatching?

✔️ Why choose dispatching over other options?

✔️ Who will be good for dispatching?

✔️ How quickly can you make money?

✔️ How much money will you make?

✔️ How much money do you need to get started?

✔️ What do you need to get started

✔️ Creating Your Agreements

✔️ Increasing Your Profits



✔️ Invoicing as a value added service to increase your income

✔️ Workbook with all kinds of goodies to help you along the process

✔️ We even logged onto the load boards and made a live call to book a load.

✔️ Behind the scenes - everything I did over those 30 days (including the mistakes because we’re offering transparency)


YES this info is for dump trucks, semis, box trucks, etc.


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Truckless Coins Ebook

Truckless Coins Ebook

The Secrets of Starting A Trucking Empire with No Truck and No CDL


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How I Made $1929.75 in 26 Hours

How I Made $1929.75 in 26 Hours

without pulling our truck out of the garage


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Flipping Trucks For Cash

Flipping Trucks For Cash

How to multiply your ROI on each truck you purchase.


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Operating Authority Profits

Operating Authority Profits

How to leverage your operating authority and credit so you don’t have to own a truck or even book loads!


[[9700 | currency]]
Used Tire Profits

Used Tire Profits

How To Turn Trash Tires into Real Cash


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Secure The Bag

Secure The Bag

Using other people's money to start, grow, and scale your business


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