How Government Certifications 4X'd My Income!

There are dozens of certifications you may be eligible for that will help you grow your business and qualify for exclusive government contracts.

When we first started our trucking business we applied for Minority and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Certifications.

Shortly after receiving our approval letter an opportunity fell in our lap! An Owner we knew heard that a company was in dire need of a Minority Certified dump truck company to complete the work on a contract.

Before we continue here’s a little background on these certifications…

These program were designed to encourage minority-owned firms to participate and bid on government contract opportunities. 

Government agencies are required to make every effort to achieve a minimum participation goal by directly or indirectly using certified Minority Owned businesses. 

In fact a certain percentage of the total dollar value of their contracts must be awarded to Minority Owned businesses otherwise they can face steep penalties and even risk their jobs getting shut down!

This is why there was such an urgency to find a dump truck company that was certified and ready to work.

At the time our dump truck company was working on jobs that were paying anywhere from $58-65 per hour.

When we took over this contract opportunity we were set to be paid $80/hour!!! The best part was that were able to pass along this pay increase to other Black Owned Trucking businesses in our area as well.

Our first year in business our truck earned just over $79,000.  After taking advantage of this minority certification our second year in business ended at $409,000!

We never even had to bid on a contract!

Here we are 6 years later and we are still benefiting from this certification and the relationships we built at the time.

Here are some of the other benefits we’ve experienced since getting Minority Certified…

  • Networking opportunities with key decision makers
  • Government & Corporate contract opportunities
  • Access to special loan programs

In fact I created a training program that helps you ace your certification process, how to use your certifications, and how build a solid business foundation to utilize these government certifications.

The MBE C.A.S.H. Accelerator program is regularly priced at $297 but when you join my BlackSmallBiz Inner Circle membership you get instant access!

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